Who Are We?

DailyFreeEbooks.com is a book recommendation website for kindle owners.

We post up to 10 kindle books per day, then send an email to our subscribers telling them about the books we recommend. We also post these books to our growing Facebook and Pinterest pages.

Our subscribers download hundreds of free and discounted kindle books every day!

Why Promote Your Book With Us?

We can put your book in front of thousands of avid kindle readers:

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BOTTOM LINE: We create amazon best sellers!

Book Requirements:

Our audience is looking for free and bargain kindle books. It would be wise to do a kindle countdown deal during your promotion, or just decrease your price to $0.99 manually and using your description on Amazon to say something like “Only $0.99 for X Day(s) Only! Sale Ends on Sunday, June 21st, 2016”.

Our authors see good results at a $0.99 price point, but ultimately it is up to you on what you want to price your book at.

> At least 50 pages in length
> Appealing Cover (Good Covers Sell Books)

*We cannot guarantee sales of your book. We can’t force our subscribers to buy your book. To increase the chance of your book being downloaded, we recommend pricing your book at  $0.99 during your promotion. Ultimately, good books will sell very well.

1-Day Promotions


  • Book Posted on Our Blog
  • Book Emailed to Our 15,000 Email Subscribers
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Average Number of Clicks to Book: 200 (100 to 300 clicks is the norm)

Today’s Price: $20

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