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Romance Kindle Book Deals

You and No Other (Crowns & Kilts Book 1)    “YOU & NO OTHER positively sparkles with historical details, real-life characters, and an utterly unforgettable hero!”~ PAST ROMANCE Historical Romance Blog Thomas Mardouet, Seigneur de St. Briac, is a man with a perfect life – bold, witty, and splendid to behold, he is the King of

Mystery/Thriller Kindle Book Deals

Choose Your Parents Wisely (Joe Grabarz Book 2)   One missing girl and the whole city goes crazy. It’s been three days, and now everyone in Brighton is looking for her. There is an army of police searching, her picture is on every front page, and the public can’t get enough of it. Gangs of

Non Fiction Kindle Book Deals

Rising Wolf, the White Blackfoot: Hugh Monroe’s Story of His First Year on the Plains   Rising Wolf, the White Blackfoot: Hugh Monroe’s Story of His First Year on the Plains is the true account of Hugh “Rising Wolf” Monroe, who came to the Blackfoot country when he was 16 and took part in buffalo hunts,

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Kindle Book Deals

The Last Queen Book One   Try to imagine this. Try to imagine that you’re the last of a dying, powerful breed. Try to imagine that you can’t live alone. You have to marry a modern-day king, or you’ll die. That’s me – the Last Queen. As my life falls apart, I’m forced into a

Romance Kindle Book Deals

Michael’s Family (Lean On Me Book 2)    Three years after his wife’s death, Public Defender Luke Rayburn is still struggling with loneliness and the trials of being a single parent. But when his son Michael decides he wants to meet his biological mother, Luke must face one of the biggest challenges of his life.