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4Alone (#1 Flamestone Trilogy) 

Elaine has spent her sixteen years proving that she’s nothing like her murderous father—but no one will let her forget her dark family history. So when her best friend Talia goes missing, Elaine takes the search and rescue into her own hands.
But on her quest, Elaine finds herself in a wilderness where teenagers are worked to death in mines by an evil organization known as the Flamestone Society. Elaine barely escapes, but her boyfriend doesn’t. Because of her, his life is now in danger right along with Talia’s.

Now Elaine’s alone in a vast wilderness with only her survival instincts on her side. There’s no Facebook. 911 is useless. As if that’s not bad enough, she failed summer camp and the Flamestone Society is closing in. Armed with only an axe, Elaine will have to embrace her dark family history in order to survive. Along the way, she’ll have to face some terrifying secrets about her own past.

From Midwest Book Review:

“Alone is Volume 1 of the Flamestone Trilogy and opens with a bang: a smartphone tags the protagonist’s best friend as ‘MISSING’, sparking the angst and attention of Elaine, who is on a journey to both save her friend and deny the possible connections between herself and her murderous father.

There’s only one way of proving her different psyche, and that’s to embark on a journey to find her friend. Best friends tell each other everything – but Talia never mentioned possible abuse from her foster family. Best friends keep no secrets – but Elaine has harbored one which she cannot seem to share with anyone. And best friends don’t give up on one another – even when the situation seems hopeless, and even if the journey involves walking out of everything Elaine finds familiar…

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Hunger: Last Man Standing Book 1 by [Taylor, Keith]Hunger: Last Man Standing Book 1

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BANGKOK, MARCH 2018. The world looked on in horror as millions of innocent lives were snuffed out in a matter of hours. Millions of men, women and children slaughtered without mercy, torn apart by a violent mob that attacked without reason, motive or warning.

Tom Freeman saw the aftermath. He reported on the tragedy and looked into the eyes of the sole survivor, and what he saw looking back sent him running home to the United States. Back to safety. Back to a place where the world makes sense, and the putrid stink of the dead doesn’t haunt his nightmares.

He didn’t run quickly enough. They’re coming.

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Immune (The Rho Agenda Book 2) by [Phillips, Richard]Immune (The Rho Agenda Book 2)

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In the final pages of the spellbinding novel The Second Ship, NSA director Jonathan Riles failed to halt the Rho Project’s infiltration of the US government. Now the Project’s alien nano-serum is loosed upon the world, disguised as a miracle cure and leaving too many people—good people—dead. And anyone still alive to challenge the Project won’t be for long: an assassin known only as El Chupacabra is systematically eliminating any and all opposition.

At the top of the hit list is NSA fixer Jack Gregory, along with Heather McFarland and Mark and Jennifer Smythe, the three teenagers who first exposed the Rho Project’s evil agenda. In just a few short months, the trio has seen life as they know it stripped away, trapping them in a confusing new reality where human DNA is modified at an alarming rate. Struggling to understand what they are becoming and on the run for their lives, the teens and their remaining allies must stop the Rho Project before it alters the very fabric of humanity.

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