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4Bury the Hatchet (Tulsa Thunderbirds Book 1)


USA Today bestselling author Catherine Gayle presents the first book in a brand new spin-off series.

They both need to make amends…
But they might be making more than that.

Tulsa Thunderbirds goaltender Hunter Fielding has a lot of kissing up to do following a few brash and uncalled-for statements. Now he needs to prove to the watchful eyes that he’s changed for the better. But cozying up to Little-Miss-Perfect-Gone-Bad isn’t his idea of making amends.

Agreeing to marry a hockey star to clear her “bad girl” reputation is the worst idea Oklahoma’s former sweetheart, Tallulah Belle Roth, has ever heard. With cameras constantly in their faces, Hunter and Tallie need to prove their sickeningly-sweet, do-good lives are the real deal—just to Bury the Hatchet once and for all.

But when the cameras are off, desire burns hot. Can fake and just for show turn into something real and forever?

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Billion Dollar Bad Boy (Big City Billionaires)

(64% Off)

He thinks he can buy anything he wants. Even me.
The package in my mail had no name, no address.
Just some sexy lingerie, and a letter telling me that I was claimed.
That I already belonged to him.
I thought it was a mistake. No one would send something like that to a girl like me. The most exciting part of my day was getting to marathon a new show on Netflix.
But the gifts kept coming.
And the messages got more personal.
He’d write things like, “Thinking about you drives me wild.”
Or, “How will our lips feel when we finally kiss?”
I won’t lie, I was starting to fall for a stranger.
Then he wanted to meet.
He’s gorgeous, charming, an actual damn billionaire. He’s everything a girl could want.
But he has a secret.
What if he isn’t a stranger at all?

Standalone novel with a HEA, no cliffhangers here! Contains a bad boy billionaire with hot tattoos and one hell of a dirty mouth.

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His Princess (A Royal Romance)

(60% Off)

The Crown Prince took me prisoner. You read that right. Crown Prince. Castle, throne, the whole nine yards. The monarch of a totalitarian regime has locked me up in his fortress, and he demands that I marry him… and provide him with an heir!

Me. The girl from Jersey. Trust me, I’m no princess. He’s the last man I’d choose for my prince.

He’s an arrogant jerk and has a stick up his…you know where. But that dark hair, those deep blue eyes, those strong arms, those perfect abs, that humongous… sword. I can’t stand him, but I can’t take my eyes off him.

I’m not marrying him and I’m definitely not his subject. If he wants me to be his princess, he better treat me like one or he can take his crown and shove it.

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