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Mozart: A Life From Beginning to End (Composer Biographies Book 1)


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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a figure that is cemented in the annals of history as one of the greatest composers of all time. A fascinating and enigmatic character, Mozart was hailed in his own lifetime as a child prodigy and a musical genius. His travels throughout Europe exposed him to art, music, and education, offering plentiful opportunities for his gifts as a composer and musician to evolve and thrive. Despite his preternatural talents, the artist struggled significantly throughout his life, and he died in his prime. Explore the life of one of history’s greatest classical composers as his ambitions and remarkable skills catapult him into the highest aristocratic courts of the Age of Enlightenment.

Inside you will read about…

✓ Prodigious Bloodlines
✓ Early Compositions and Career
✓ Fame, Riches, and Opera
✓ The Man Behind the Music
✓ War Time, Hard Times
✓ The Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
And much more!

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Nothing to Tell: Extraordinary Stories of Montana Ranch Women

(95% Off)

Sitting at the kitchen tables of twelve women in their eighties who were born in or immigrated to Montana in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, between 1982 and 1988 oral historian Donna Gray conducted interviews that reveal a rich heritage.  In retelling their life stories, Gray steps aside and allows theses women with supposedly “nothing to tell” to speak for themselves.  Pride, nostalgia, and triumph fill a dozen hearts as they realize how remarkable their lives have been and wonder how they did it all.

Some of these women grew up in Montana in one-bedroom houses; others traveled in covered wagons before finding a home and falling in love with Montana.  These raw accounts bring to life the childhood memories and adulthood experiences of ranch wives who were not afraid to milk a cow or bake in a wooden stove.  From raising poultry to raising a family, these women knew the meaning of hard work.  Several faced the hardships of family illness, poverty, and early widowhood.  Through it all, they were known for their good sense of humor and strong sense of self.

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The Kennedy Men: 1901-1963

(92% Off)

The renowned biographer and New York Times bestselling author of The Kennedy Women returns with this first volume in a multigenerational history that will forever change the way America views its most famous family …

top customer review:

In the years since John F Kennedy was elected President two kinds of “Kennedy Myths” have developed. The positive one portrays John, Robert and Ted Kennedy as liberal “saints” committed to a progressive revolution in America. The negative one shows the Kennedys to be rapacious libertines who throw off all social conventions in their personal and political lives. Leamer’s book transcends these over-simplistic views and covers the lives of patriarch Joseph P Kennedy and his four sons, bringing out the complexity of this unique group of people.
Those who hold a negative view of the Kennedys will find much material to confirm their beliefs. In truth, Joe Kennedy seems to be a man with almost no redeeming virtues, a virulent anti-Semite and pro-Nazi, greedy and miserly, manipulative man. The second generation of Kennedys learned not to ask where the family’s money came from. Yet Joe Kennedy went on to implement needed reforms in the Security and Exchange commission to which he was appointed, supported the progressive FDR and became the most powerful Catholic in the US.
Similarly, JFK went on to be an incredibly reckless philanderer who possibly compromised the very security of the US with liasons with women involved with organized crime and possibly even East German intelligence, but at the same time, he inspired young people to volunteer for the Peace Corps and set American on course to landing on the Moon. RFK goes to work for family friend Senator Joe McCarthy and works with the Mafia in order to destablize Castro’s regime in Cuba, but then also works vigorously against the same Mafia and institutionalized racial discrimination (and somehow escapes the taint of his association with McCarthy).
Leamer show that JFK and RFK were definitely not “soft liberals”.

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