Sci-Fi/Fantasy Kindle Book Deals

Lichgates: Book One of the Grimoire Saga (an Epic Fantasy Adventure) (Free Today) The final page will leave you breathless. When Kara Magari uncovers a secret door in the middle of the forest, she discovers (and trips through) a portal to a hidden world full of terrifying things: Ourea. She just wants to go home,

Mystery/Thriller Kindle Book Deals

 Any Means Necessary (a Luke Stone Thriller-Book #1) Kindle Edition When nuclear waste is stolen by jihadists in the middle of the night from an unguarded New York City hospital, the police, in a frantic race against time, call in the FBI. Luke Stone, head of an elite, secretive, department within the FBI, is the

Romance Kindle Book Deals

Playing with Temptation (The Players Club Book 1) (Free today) TEMPTATION HAS NEVER BEEN SO HOT . . . When Raina Beck is given an invitation to The Players Club, all she wants is a night of decadence with a gorgeous, sexy stranger. The seductive, mysterious man she meets fulfills her deepest desires and most

Non Fiction Kindle Book Deals

The Tumor: A Non-Legal Thriller (Free Today) John Grisham says THE TUMOR is the most important book he has ever written. In this short book, he provides readers with a fictional account of how a real, new medical technology could revolutionize the future of medicine by curing with sound. THE TUMOR follows the present day

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Kindle Book Deals

Becoming Human: A Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Novel (The Exilon 5 Trilogy Book 1) (Free Today) ***For a limited time you can get Derailed Conscience for free. To find out more, (copy and paste the link into your browser)*** Earth is overcrowded and polluted. A new planet, Exilon 5, has been located. But Exilon 5 is

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