Sci-Fi/Fantasy Kindle Book Deals

Tangled Tides (The Sea Monster Memoirs, Book 1)   (Free Today) Yara Jones doesn’t believe in sea monsters–until she becomes one. When a hurricane hits her island home and she wakes up with fins, Yara finds herself tangled up in an underwater world of mysterious merfolk and secretive selkies. Both sides believe Yara can save

Romance Kindle Book Deals

The Lady Plays Her Ace (The Langley Sisters Book 4)    (Free Today) Oliver (Ace) Dillinger is a man who has made his fortune the hard way, first with his fists, then by learning to be both a gentleman and a businessman, before entering the fringes of London society. He is ruthless, determined and trusts

Mystery/Thriller Kindle Book Deals

Sharp Turn (Tara Sharp Book 2) (Free Today) Book 4: Sharp Edge just released on October 24! Tara’s quirky PI business is attracting some even quirkier customers. She’s not sure how Madame Vine’s Escort Agency got her number. And then there’s the eccentric motorcycle racing team owner, Bolo Ignatius. Both these clients want to Tara

Romance Kindle Book Deals

Trusting Jake (Blueprint to Love) (Free Today) Love under construction: Broken down at the side of the road, Jenna’s life is like her car. In need of a jump start. Tired of playing by other people’s rules, the widowed single mom guards her new freedom by keeping her deadbeat husband alive . . . in

Non Fiction Kindle Book Deals

Leonardo da Vinci: A Life From Beginning to End   (Free Today) Leonardo da Vinci Creativity is in our bones. It is found in our very DNA, something not known to Leonardo da Vinci or anyone else who lived in his day and time. All he did was to uncover the hidden genius which lay

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